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N Gauge Society announce a Carflat

At the AGM yesterday, the N Gauge Society announced their next ready-to-run model will be the BR Carflat.

These vehicles were built from the mid-1960s using the underframes of redundant coaching stock. They were used both for freight services carrying newly-built vehicles, and for the distinctive “Motorail” trains carrying holidaymakers to Scotland and Cornwall.

Though the Motorail trains ceased in the 1980s with the growth of the motorway network, the Carflats continues in use in freight traffic until replaced by more modern wagons around the turn of the century.

The model will be made by Bachmann, and will be available in six versions. representing both Motorail and freight versions. Like all N Gauge Society models they’re exclusive to members, and the N Gauge Society is now taking pre-orders for delivery next year.

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N Gauge Society to do a Hawksworth BG

Photo by Les Gregory

As anounced on RMWeb, the N Gauge society’s next ready-to-run model will be a GWR designed Hawksworth BG, to be manufactured for them by Dapol. It’s a very useful model for Western Region modellers either for the steam or diesel hydraulic eras, since these vehicles saw use for parcels traffic throughout the 1970s, long outliving the Hawksworth design passenger coaches which had all gone by the late 1960s.

No confirmation on liveries, but I expect to see both BR maroon and BR blue versions. This model will be sold exclusively through the N Gauge Society for members only, but I can imagine that Dapol, having tooled for one 64′ Hawksworth vehicle, will go on to add other Hawksworth vehicles to their own range. Let’s hope so.

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