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Is Pop’s Sausage Meat escaping?

The major labels think there’s a British pop talent crash:

One response, if you are a major, is to send your entire A&R department around the country to find out what people want to listen to (and, more importantly, buy). The label doing this, which can’t be named, has instructed its team to speak to promoters, club owners and others connected to local music scenes, until they have an idea of why new acts aren’t connecting. It has been spurred by the fact that this is the time of year when the frontrunners for 2017’s next-big-thing polls should be gathering at the starting gate. However, according to another insider, there is an unprecedented lack of viable hopefuls, let alone those with the potential to be the next Sam Smith, Adele or even James Bay.

“There’s nothing on the horizon, no music scene at the moment. It seems to be that the talent isn’t out there, [or if it is] they don’t know what to do with it,” says the label source.

Now, I know the major label industry prefers artists who are both under 25 and conventionally pretty, and much of the best music is made by people who don’t meet either of those criteria. But is there really a shortage of talent out there, or just a shortage of talent willing to work for the major label sausage machine under the major label’s terms?

Are these gatekeepers even still relevant? Yes, there are still people out there who don’t listen to anything that hasn’t been endorsed by those gatekeepers, but the relative failure of the ridiculously-hyped Jack Garratt suggests that even these people aren’t willing to swallow any old rubbish.

As readers of this blog will know, there are many acts out there who blow most of the overhyped major-label hopefuls completely out of the water. The commercial mainstream has never heard of these people. Perhaps the reason they’re not ubiquitous stars is because they don’t actually want to be?

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Extruded Music Product

Jack Garrett This article, Be prepared for a year of blandness  about Jack Garratt, the “Face of 2016″ makes we want to see all the “tastemakers” at the BBC and elsewhere lined up against the wall and shot.

The way all music that people who take their cues from TV and daytime radio will get to hear is decided by a tiny number of complete philistines in suits is profoundly depressing. This is “music” in much the same way as a McDonald’s hamburger is “food”.

It’s hard having to bite your lip when a friend starts gushing about how wonderful someone like Mumford and Sons are, and not come up with something dreadfully patronising in response. But it still breaks my heart when I see so much genuine talent playing beautiful life-changing music before audiences so small the gigs cannot possibly cover their costs. And meanwhile busker-level talents like Ed bloody Sheeran whose appeal is difficult to fathom are playing stadiums.

I’ve said this so many times before that I’m sounding like a stuck record. But it’s still true.

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All Loved Up

Sometimes I wonder if the above video played a part in getting Fish’s song “All Loved Up” into the Polish singles chart. It represents exactly the sort of vacuous celebrity culture the song skewers. It epitomises the way mass-produced corporate pop is completely divorced from the world of real musicians making real music.

It’s mechanically-recovered extruded music product, featuring talent-free “artists” who are famous for being famous, whose success is based solely on the amount of money spent promoting them. There is absolutely no chance that this song will touch anyone’s soul and change their lives.

The “guitarist” is a embarrassed-looking model who looks as though she’s never seen anyone play a guitar in her life. But in words of manager Angelina Konkol. “It is better to look at beautiful models pretending to play the guitar than ugly musicians who actually play the guitar”.

What a load of cobblers.

Don’t want that. Watch this instead.

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