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Exactly what is the purpose of egg-manning “news” pieces with titles like “Dudebros are butthurt over female lead in new Star Wars trailer“? It’s not exactly news that you will find icky, slimy creatures if you go looking for them by turning over enough rocks, but what does anyone gain by giving such troglodytes the attention they don’t deserve?

The whole thing smacks of manufactured controversy for cheap clicks, relying on people who ought to know better to share the links in order to feel superior to their chosen outgroup. Sadly it appears to be the default business model for online publishing, even as there are more and more signs of the bubble bursting.

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Star Wars Monopoly: The Thing That Should Not Be

Star Wars Monopoly.There’s a Star Wars edition of Monopoly, and there is controversy of the absence of the new film’s female lead, Rey

It’s a legitimate complaint, of course. But there’s a another issue too. Star Wars is all about lightsabre duels and space dogfights. What does it have to do with a board game about property speculation? Especially such a dreadful one?

Monopoly is an awful stupid game that has almost certainly done more than any other game to put generations of people off boardgames for life. It needs to die. It persists because people who themselves do not themselves play boardgames keep buying it as Christmas or birthday presents for their grandchildren or great nieces and nephews out of misplaced nostalgia for their own childhoods.

With the notable exception of Scrabble, that’s probably true of a lot of older household-name family boardgames. Boardgames have evolved tremendously in recent year, and games like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne are superior in just about every possible way. But out of all those supposedly ‘classic’ games, Monopoly is still by far the worst of the lot.

The world does not need a totally cynical Star Wars tie-in edition.

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