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When Empires Fall pre-order

When Empires FallThe debut album from When Empires Fall, the new project from former Stolen Earth and Breathing Space bassust and songwriter Paul Teasdale, is now available for pre-order.

In their own words:

When Empires Fall’ formed in the Winter of 2013. Founded by bass player Paul Teasdale (Stolen Earth, Breathing Space, Sanchez), the debut album brings together musicians from across the UK and further afield to bring you an eclectic, genre-defying collection of songs from a band who refuse to be categorised.

The album contains multi-layered audiofields reminiscent of the greatest eras of classic rock, with obvious nods in the direction of Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys, Editors, Mostly Autumn, Porcupine Tree and The XX.

Described by some as nu-progressive, the sounds stay close to the band’s symphonic and sometimes hard-edged rock heritage, whilst embracing modern styles and sounds. It takes the classic sounds of the rasping Hammond and powerful overdriven guitar-stacks, and adds huge strings and harmonies to create a soundscape you can get lost in.

With an eclectic mix of classic rock and far more contemporary influences this is sounding like a very interesting project whose debut album ought to be well worth the wait.

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Cloud Atlas – Beyond the Vale

Cloud Atlas - Beyond The ValeHome to Mostly Autumn, Halo Blind and Heather Findlay’s various projects, York has been a centre of progressive and contemporary classic rock for quite a few years now, and Cloud Atlas are the latest in a string of excellent bands to emerge from the city.

Cloud Atlas is the band formed by former Stolen Earth, Breathing Space and Mostly Autumn vocalist Heidi Widdop. The band features Martin Ledger on guitar, one-time musical partner with Heidi in the duo The Secrets, a rhythm section of Neil Scott and Mostly Autumn alumni Stu Carver, and Dave Randall on keys. As is becoming increasingly common nowadays, the band crowdfunded the album with a pre-order campaign.

The album begins with two and half minutes of eastern-sounding atmospherics, with electronic drones, wordless wailing vocals and controlled guitar feedback. Then Martin Ledger’s guitar riff hits you right between the eyes and “Searchlight” explodes into a powerful rocker with a great bluesy soulful vocal. It ends with Martin Ledger cutting loose with a glorious extended solo. The effect is Janis Joplin fronting The Cult circa “Sonic Temple” with Steve Rothery on lead guitar. And that’s just the opening song.

The acoustic guitar and breathy vocals at the beginning of “Siren Song” recall the fragile beauty of Goldfrapp’s last album before building into another atmospheric rocker flavoured with Martin Ledger’s e-bowed guitar. The over-ambitious “Let The Blood Flow” is the one song on the record that doesn’t quite work; the hard-rocking opening part is great but it loses it’s way with its awkward middle section, and the whole thing comes out sounding disjointed.

But we’re back on track with with two following numbers, the length, brooding “Falling” and the piano-led “The Grieving”. Instrumental passages in both recall recent Marillion, especially the minor-key piano chords leading into Martin Ledger’s overdriven solo at the beginning of the latter.

The final part of the album includes two real highlights, the big epic “Stars” with its memorable hook, and atmospheric ballad “Journey’s End” with some beautiful cello playing from Sarah Pickwell, after which the acoustic “I’ll Take Care of You” forms a coda for the album.

Heidi’s distinctive vocals set them apart from many of their obvious peers, but this album’s sound is as much about Martin Ledger’s soaring melodic lead guitar. There are still a few echoes of Heidi’s previous band Stolen Earth, and anyone still missing that band should find a lot to like about Cloud Atlas.

It’s big widescreen rock with an epic scope, with just one song under seven minutes and some stretching to nine or ten. It may be that some songs might have benefited from slightly tighter arrangements, but the music still feels as though it’s likely to come across very powerfully live. It amounts to an impressive début from the latest addition to their home city’s already strong roster of bands.

The band will be launching the album at Fibbers in York on June 28th, and the album can be ordered from http://www.cloudatlas.org.uk/webstore.htm

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When Empires Fall announce new album

News from When Empires Fall, the band put together by former Stolen Earth and Breating Space bassist Paul Teasdale, from their Facebook page.

When Empires Fall are proud to announce that the debut album is now on it’s way to mastering, and will be with you all very shortly. The final play list is as follows:

New World
On My Skin
Seisemic Vibes
Journey To The Sun
Call To the Night’s Watch (ft Aleksandra Koziol)
Under No Illusion (ft Mark Rowen)
We Are The Future
Moonbeams (ft Joanne Wallis)

A nice playing time of 49 minutes, and a tear for some excellent tracks which unfortunately did not fit the ‘flow’ of the album (coming soon to a soundcloud channel near you!)

Stay tuned!

Paul wrote the bulk of the music for Stolen Earth’s excellent “A Far Cry From Home”, so this album is something to look forward to.

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Interview with Heidi Widdop

Heidi Widdop

I’ve interviewed former Stolen Earth and Breathing Space frontwoman Heidi Widdop for Trebuchet Magazine. While the focus is naturally on her new project Cloud Atlas, we also talked about Stolen Earth and touched on the very early days of Mostly Autumn when Heidi was in the band.

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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is the new band featuring former Stolen Earth vocalist Heidi Widdop.

Something entirely new and it’s been a long time coming! Working closely alongside Martin Ledger and with a host of excellent musicians, our debut album will be available this year. The website will be launched soon and details of how to pre-order will follow shortly.

The lineup features one or two names that may be familiar to a few people; Martin Ledger and Dave Randall were in the final lineup of Stolen Earth, and Stu Carver was an early member of Mostly Autumn.

Heidi WiddopVocals & Acoustic
Martin LedgerGuitars
Stu CarverBass
Neil ScottDrums
Dave RandallKeyboards

It will be very interesting to hear how they sound and see how they develop.

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Stolen Earth call it a day

Sad but not entirely unexpected news from Stolen Earth

Barry would like to say:

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and I would like to wish all the band members I have worked with over the years all the best in what ever they do. Hope I will see you all again somewhere down the line. Cheers Barry.

All of us would like to thank you all for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy A Far Cry from Home.

There are limited albums available but you can still grab one of the few copies via the website.

Many Thanks People

I supported Stolen Earth from the very beginning when they evolved out what had been the final lineup of Breathing Space. Right from the beginning they were a great example of real musicians making great music completely off the mainstream radar.

I saw their very first live appearance at the 2011 Cambridge Rock Festival; a high-profile gig like that would be a baptism of fire for any band. The band went on to record their debut album “A Far Cry From Home” a powerful and atmospheric record which turned out to be one of the unexpected highlights of 2012. A year on from their first appearance they returned to the Cambridge Rock Festival in 2012 with a triumphant set that gave several higher-profile acts a serious run for their money.

In the following months, the band underwent a number of lineup changes, which ultimately saw only vocalist Heidi Widdop and drummer Barry Cassells remaining from the original band. Even then, with new members coming on board, the future looked optimistic. The video for the new song “Searchlight” unveiled a harder-edged more guitar driven sound, with some powerchord riffing from the new guitarist Martin Ledger recalling The Cult circa “Sonic Temple”.

After all that optimism, it’s rather sad to see the whole thing fall apart, but after Heidi’s announcement last week that she was leaving the band, it was difficult to see any band continuing under the Stolen Earth name. Heidi has certainly promised across multiple comments in Facebook that the material she’d written for the next Stolen Earth album will still see the light of day in some form, and I also look forward to seeing whatever projects Barry Cassells involves himself in next. He’s a great drummer and a top bloke, and I wish him all the best.

Stolen Earth at the 2012 Cambridge Rock Festival

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Heidi Widdop leaves Stolen Earth

Announced on the Stolen Earth Facebook group this morning.

Sometimes you have to embrace change, take risks, have faith in yourself and other people. After much thought, I have decided to leave Stolen Earth, I’m following my instinct and my heart. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported the band, you have been wonderful.

After the excellent debut “A Far Cry From Home“, and a big build-up for their much-anticipated follow-up, including the superb new track “Searchlight“, this came as a bit of a shock. No news (as yet) of future plans from either Heidi or the rest of the band, but all I will say is “Watch this space”.

Photo by Mark McNeil

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Stolen Earth announce new keyboard player

Accounced on the Stolen Earth Facebook Group.

We would like to announce the arrival of our new Keyboardologist! We are excited to welcome Dave Randall in to the fold!! He’s a bit of a wiz on the keys and we are all looking forward to recording the second album and plenty of live dates with him on board! Hurray!

All at Stolen Earth x

Great news to see that band back up to full strength, and it will be very interesting to see how the new-look Stolen Earth sounds live when they’re back in action in the second half of the year.

It will be a very different band from the Stolen Earth that recorded 2012′s “A Far Cry From Home“, but if “Searchlight” is anything to go by, it’s looking like exciting times for Stolen Earth fans.

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Stolen Earth – Searchlight

The band have been teasing us with stills from this for months. Now Stolen Earth have unleashed the full video of the song “Searchlight”, which will be on their as yet untitled second album due for release in the Autumn.

It’s a very different Stolen Earth from the band that recorded 2012′s “A Far Cry From Home“, indeed only singer Heidi Widdop and drummer Barry Cassells remain from that incarnation. The track features Riversea’s Brendan Eyre guesting on keys while the band seek a permanent replacement for the recently departed John Sykes.

I like this song a lot; give it a listen and see what you think!

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Stolen Earth seek new keyboard player

Announced today on the Stolen Earth Facebook Page.

So, all is good in the Stolen Earth camp, writing for the second album is really chugging along :) , our demo and video are almost ready and we are all buzzing, however, due to the fact nothing in the music world is straightforward and it’s hard to juggle family and work commitments along with band stuff, an opening has developed and we will be holding auditions for a keyboard person over the next few weeks! This is an exciting opportunity for the right person as your input on the forthcoming album will be vital!

If you’re able to gig with a band based in York, and have what it takes to be the keyboard player for this superb atmospheric rock band, this might just be the gig for you!

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