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Farewell to The Reasoning

The Reasoning at Trinity Live in Leamington Spa

So Cardiff’s The Reasoning join Breathing Space, Stolen Earth and Crimson Sky in the roll-call of bands that I’ve travelled considerable distances to see who are now no more. I have often likened being a fan of bands at this level to being an away supporter of a lower-division football club; there’s a camaraderie with fellow-fans, and you end up staying in unfashionable places like Crewe, Swansea or Mansfield.

The Reasoning were one of three bands that emerged following the implosion of the original incarnation of Karnataka, a band I had loved on record but never had the chance to see live, and featured their original lead singer Rachel Jones (as she was then). I travelled down from Cheshire to South Wales by train the day after a hurricane to see their very first gig at The Uplands Tavern in Swansea back in January 2007.

They were still finding their feet at the time, but they still made a strong impression with a melodic twin guitar hard rock sound and three lead vocalists, enabling them to do interesting things with harmonies. I later saw them play a couple of stunning gigs at The Limelight Club in Crewe,and at The Point in Cardiff, when they gave the impression that they were hungry and going places. Not only were they tight but there was also a passionate intensity to their music. At one point, when they managed to get support spots for artists like Fish in sizeable venues, they looked as though they had a chance of breaking through to the next level.

They went through a lot of changes over the following years, which might have cost them some of that early momentum. They had started out as a six-piece band with Rachel sharing lead vocals with guitarist Dylan Thompson and keyboard player Gareth Jones. There was a short-lived seven-piece lineup featuring former Fish keyboard player Tony Turrell and additional backing singer Maria Owen-Midlane. Then they took the form of a slimmed-down five-piece band with Rachel as the main vocalist and Tony Turrell handling the male vocals on the older material live.

Although all the different incarnations had their strengths and their supporters, for me nothing quite equalled the magic of the early days when Dylan, Gareth and original drummer Vinden Wylde were in the band, and the first two albums “Awakening” and “Dark Angel” remain favourites.

Owain Roberts of The Reasoning at Bury MetI find it impossible as an outsider to imagine just how hard the still-unsolved disappearance of guitarist Owain Roberts in 2012 hit the band. For a while there was considerable doubt as to whether they would continue. They eventually regrouped with new guitarist Keith Hawkins to record what would be their final album, “Adventures in Neverland”. Although they’d announced they were working on a follow-up, provisionally titled “Horrorscopic”, the only live activity in the past two years bar a couple of warm-up gigs were their appearance at the HRH Prog in 2013, and what turned out to be their final live appearance at last year’s Trinity charity event in Leamington Spa. The cancellation of a proposed tour last Autumn and the indefinite postponement of the album meant today’s announcement that the band were finally calling it a day shouldn’t really be a surprise.

While it can be disappointing as a fan to see a band you’ve followed call it a day, sometimes you do have to recognise when something has run its course. Nothing can take away their legacy or their recordings. Sometimes the spirit of a much-loved band lives on in new bands formed by former members. And sometimes the creative forces behind a band take off in exciting new directions.

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The Reasoning call it a day

The Reasoning at Trinity Live in Leamington Spa

Announced today on The Reasoning’s Facebook page:

A very good afternoon to you one and all, I hope you are well? I promise to keep what we are about to say very short, sweet and to the point. It is with a very heavy heart that we impart the following bit of news – The Reasoning have decided to call it day. We part in the knowledge that we have achieved many wonderful and great things as a band and as individuals but, the time has come to be honest and realise that as a musical group, we have explored as much as we can. Though we have enjoyed our journey with you immensely, we have also had occasions where it seemed so tough to carry on and as we approach the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of our dear friend Owain, this seems like the right time to gently put the band to bed.

We want to thank all the bands, press and fans for the amazing loyalty, support and love. We have done many incredible things, been to many amazing places and played to so many amazing people. Our music lives on with you and in our hearts. This is not the last you will hear of us as musicians but I’m afraid, it is the last you will hear from us as a band. We are all parting on good terms and with firm friendships established. This is a decision we all feel is the best thing for the band and its musical legacy.

Thank you all once again, you will never know how much we truly love you all. Be well, take care and we’ll all see you on the road sometime soon. “The View From Where I Stand Begins To Change, Something Is Happening To Me…….”

The Reasoning xxxxx

It’s always sad news when a band splits. The Reasoning made a significant impact on the prog scene since they emerged at the beginning of 2007, and their first two albums in particular remain classics of the modern prog genre.

Matt Cohen and drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp are now working on a new project Ghost Community with Riversea’s Marc Atkinson, Also Eden’s Simon Rogers and former Crimson Sky keyboard player Moray McDonald. As for the rest of the band, I hope we haven’t heard the last of Rachel’s vocals.

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The Reasoning cancel October tour

After postponing their long-awaited album into the new year, The Reasoning have now cancelled their upcoming tour, and the release of the album may be postponed further.

The band will be spending more time working on their next album, which currently has the working title of Horrorscopic. They say, “We’ve decided to take some time away from the music, in order to allow it to grow and develop more naturally. This will also enable us to think carefully about how best to produce, record and promote it.

“There’s no finite limit to said breather: whether it takes us six months or two years to create an album that we’re genuinely proud of, then it will have been more than worth the wait. We hope that you will agree and understand. In the interim, of course, you’ll still see many of us out and about at other gigs, pontificating online and (if you’re really lucky) doing the weekly shopping [insert supermarket of your choosing].”

Despite the ostensibly upbeat tone of the announcement, you can’t help wondering about the long-tem future of the band with news like this.

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The Reasoning postpone new album until 2015

The Reasoning at Trinity Live in Leamington Spa

July 2014 news from The Reasoning.

Our album is sounding amazing already, harking back to some of the much-loved musical and vocal elements from our earlier days, but with a great deal of contemporary pizazz. After the whirlwind experiences of the past couple of years, we’re going to take some extra time to really develop and embellish this new piece of work, craft it to its very richest potential and, most importantly, ensure that we give YOU, our dear followers, your most enjoyable Reasoning experience to date. This is going to be a big financial investment for us – outsourcing the recording of drums and, for the first time, vocals, to some “big” studios. We’re also in talks with several mix engineers, both here and on the other side of the Atlantic – more on this soon. Particular time and attention will be paid to the capturing of voices this time around, with Rachel and Seb (our young French floozy) leading the way, ably embellished by Rob and Jake.

The October tour will still be going ahead and will feature some material from the new album as well as their 2007 debut album “Awakening” in full. The tour visits Southampton, London, York, Bolton, Cardiff and Bilston.

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First bands for HRH Prog 3 announced

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugHRH Prog 3 have announced the first bands, including The Enid, Steeleye Span, Mostly Autumn, The Enid, The Reasoning and Touchstone.

Not totally convinced by the SF and fantasy actors as part of the event, and wonder what message that sends and what stereotypes it reinforces.

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Trinity Live

Christina Booth of Magenta at Trinity LiveChristina Booth

Trinity Live was originally intended to have been a triple-headlining tour by The Reasoning, Touchstone and Magenta. But the tour had to be cancelled when Magenta’s vocalist Christina Booth was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

The bands decided to keep one date from the proposed tour, at The Assembly in Leamington Spa, and repurpose it as a charity show in aid of three cancer charities. The Reasoning and Touchstone would still appear, along with Rob Reed of Magenta performing as “Rob Reed and Friends”. The show expanded to a day-long event with a number of prominent additional names from the prog world added to the bill, including the mighty Arena as headliners. Then, only a few days before the show came the announcement that Christina Booth’s cancer treatment was going sufficiently well that she would be well enough to perform a short set, so Rob Reed and Friends became Magenta.
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The Reasoning tour in the Autumn

The Reasoning have announced a short tour in late October and early November, which represents their first live shows apart from a couple of one-off appearances at festivals since their “Adventures in the City” co-headline tour with Touchstone back in 2012

Six dates are announced so far, with the possibility of further dates to be announced.

  • Talking Heads in Southampton in Friday 24th October
  • Venue 2 in London on Saturday 25th October
  • The Duchess in York on Thursday 30th October
  • The Railway in Bolton on Friday 31st October
  • The CFM in Cardiff on Saturday 1st November
  • The Robin 2 in Bilston on Sunday 2nd November

Support for all these dates will be Hekz.

The Reasoning will also be playing a support for Lifesigns on Sunday May 11th at The Robin in Bilston, as well as their previously announced slot at Trinity Live at Leamington Spa a week later on 18th May.

Sebastien Flynn-Goze

The band will be augmented on stage by vocalist Sebastien Flynn-Goze, which answers the question “How will they do the older material justice” since the departure of Tony Turrell who had handled the male vocals originally recorded by Dylan Thompson and Gareth Jones on stage.

Though their email newsletters speak excitedly of activity behind the scenes, The Reasoning have kept a low profile of late compared to some of their peers, with just a single gig in the whole of 2013. This tour, and the forthcoming as-yet-untitled fifth album ought to go some way towards regaining forward momentum.

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The Reasoning Release Single for Owain Roberts

Owain RobertsOn March 10th it will be two years since Owain Roberts, lead guitarist from The Reasoning, disappeared near his home on the Camarthenshire coast.

To mark the second anniversary, the band are to release a new version of the song “Pale Criminal” as a single, with all proceeeds going to the charity Missing People

As they say in Prog Magazine.

The Reasoning say: “Pale Criminal originally appeared on our EP And Another Thing. It’s the last time Owain wrote, recorded and played with the band. The song has taken on a huge personal meaning for all of us who share the great memories of having worked so closely together with him.

“It’s been rearranged and recorded with just piano and vocals – it’s beautiful, haunting and very poignant. We hope that when you hear it you’ll be reminded of the wonderful soul and spirit Owain possesses. We also hope it will help to remind Owain that he is still greatly missed, and raise awareness for missing persons in general.”

The single will be available from The Reasoning’s Bandcamp Page.

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Trinity Live

Trinity Live 2014

A reminder of the Trinity Live cancer charity show at The Assembly in Leamington Spa on May 18th.

The show was originally part of a triple-headline tour featuring The Reasoning, Touchstone and Magenta, postponed because of Magenta’s Christina Booth’s treatment for breast cancer.

Touchstone and The Reasoning decided to go ahead with a charity show on the original date, and have since added acoustic sets from Alan Reed, Heather Findlay and Matt Stevens to the bill.

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Tony Turrell leaves The Reasoning

Tony Turrell with The Reasoning at Bury Met

Announced on The Reasoning’s Facebook page this morning: Tony Turrell is leaving The Reasoning.

“I’m sorry to announce that as of this summer, I am no longer a part of The Reasoning. This is totally my own choice, and down to where I am at the moment in terms of time, health and head space. The band have been incredibly supportive and whilst not wanting me to go, whole-heartedly respected my decision. My reasons are not the ones normally associated with someone leaving a band – fighting, dislike or the good old-fashioned “musical differences” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) – and every member of the band has become a dear and close friend over the course of the last 3 years (or year in Keith’s case).

It was a bit of a coup for The Reasoning when Tony joined, given his standing and the much higher profile artists he’s played with, such as Fish.

He made a very strong impression live, especially when the band slimmed down to a five-piece leaving his keys to fill out a lot more of the sound. He even too over the male lead vocal role. I did get the feeling the band never quite made as much use of his skills as a composer and arranger as they could have done, and it will be interesting to see what projects he’s involved with next.

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