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Tilt and Voodoo Vegas added to Winter’s End

Winters End Full

TILT and twin-guitar hard-rockers Voodoo Vegas join Touchstone and Chantel McGregor alongside headliners The Answer, Toseland and Inglorious on the bill at Winter’s End in Poole on 24-26th February.

The emphasis is on hard rock with a bit of blues and metal, and it’s looking like an interesting bill.

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Best Albums of 2016 – Part Two

We’re into the top ten now, and this time I’ve managed to rank the albums in order rather that just list them alphabetically. So with no further ado…

10: Rebecca Downes – Believe

Bebecca Downes BelieveDeserved winner of Best Female Vocalist and Best Breakthrough Artist at the British Blues Awards, Rebecca Downes has a great voice, with range and power as well as emotional depth, equally at home with soulful ballads as belting out hard rockers. When combined with her talented backing band result is a hugely varied record, combining blues with hard rock, funk and soul.

9: Tilt – Hinterland

Tilt HinterlandThe band including Fish alumni Steve Vantis, Robin Boult and Dave Stewart deliver a hard-rocking album. The layered sound and powerful bass grooves recall Porcupine Tree and Steve Vantsis’ work with Fish.

But Paul Dourley is a very different sort of singer; his soulful vocals have the occasional hints of Peter Gabriel and Lou Gramm, and if anything it’s his performance that lifts this record from a good one to a great one.

8: Ihsahn – Arktis

ihsahn-arktisThe fiendishly inventive Norwegian black metallers reign in the avant-garde experimentalism of 2013′s Das Seelenbrechen in favour of an album of more straightforward metal songs. But “straightforward” is a relative thing for a band like Ihsahn; there’s a lot of varied creativity on display here, balancing face-melting guitars with occasional moments of atmospheric beauty,

7: Mantra Vega – The Illusion’s Reckoning

Mantra Vega The Illusions ReckoningThe collaboration between former Mostly Autumn singer Heather Findlay and Sound of Contact’s Dave Kerzner results in a record with a strong 70s vibe.

There are nods to Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac and the rootsier side of Led Zeppelin, as well as the folky feel of Heather Findlay’s work with Odin Dragonfly and early Mostly Autumn. It’s an impressive work that’s as good as anything either of them have done.

6: Big Big Train – Folklore

Big Big Train - FolkloreBig Big Train continue to be better than anyone else at invoking the spirit of 1970s English pastoral progressive rock. Again the lyrics are steeped in English landscapes and socio-economic history.

The songs cover subjects from London’s lost rivers to World War 2 RAF pigeons, with music that sometimes evokes the mood of albums like Genesis’ “Trespass”, and at other times is closer to the electric folk-rock of bands like Steeleye Span.

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Tilt News

Tilt, the band featuring Fish alumni Steve Vantsis and Dave Stewart, have released a video for the song “Against the Rain” from the album “Hinterland” featuring Fish’s daughter Tara Nowy reprising her mother’s role from “Kayleigh” all those years ago.

The band have also launched a Pledge Music campaign for a 180g double vinyl edition of “Hinterland”.

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Tilt – Hinterland

Tilt Hinterland Tilt is the project from Fish alumni Steve Vantsis and Dave Stewart plus guitarist Paul Humphreys and singer Paul Dourley, with contributions from Robin Boult and John Beck amongst others. They released an EP “Million Dollar Wound” way back in 2009, but “Hinterland” is their first full-length album. The earlier EP was a competent enough record, but never really set the world on fire. This one is a very different beast indeed.

It begins with the dreamy opening of “Assembly”, electronic atmospherics and an understated vocal slightly reminiscent of 80s Tears for Fears, except instead of breaking out into a big soaring chorus it leads into a dramatic instrumental section built around a spiralling guitar figure. “Hinterland”, in contrast, is a barrelling hard rocker with something of The Who in their prime about it.

“Against the Rain” and “Growing Colder” are emotive slow-burning ballads, while “No Superman” and the later “Bloodline” are very powerful groove-rockers build around Steve Vantsis’s propulsive bass riffs, the latter featuring a solo by John Mitchell. Another rocker, “Strontium Burning” has the sort of hook that gets buried in your head. The album ends with the book-end of “Disassembly”, the long dreamy opening echoing the opener before building into a big soaring ballad that brings the album to an impressive close.

Steve Vantsis has been the main co-writer on Fish’s recent albums, and there are places with a similar feel to those records, especially when it takes the riff and groove driven approach reminiscent of parts of “13th Star”. The songcraft and razor-sharp production is certainly in the same league. The layered arrangements with touches of electronica amidst the guitar riffs also recalls late-period Porcupine Tree.

But Paul Dourley is a very different sort of singer to Fish; his soulful vocals have the occasional hints of Peter Gabriel and Lou Gramm. If anything it’s his vocal performance that lifts this record from a good one to a great one.

This is a record that’s been a long time in the making, but it’s proved worth the wait. 2016 has been a very strong year for rock albums, and “Hinterland” is another one to add to them.

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Tilt announce pre-order for Hinterland


Tilt, the band featuring Fish alumni Steve Vantsis, Dave Stewart and Robin Boult plus guitarist Paul Humphreys and singer P J Dourley have announced the pre-order for their album “Hinterland” via Burning Shed. The album also features John Beck and John Mitchell.

Steve Vantsis has been Fish’s main co-writer for the past few years, writing much of the nusiic for the albums Feast of Consequences and 13th Star.

Meanwhile, have a listen to the radio edit of the track Bloodline:

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