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Tony Blackburn

Tony BlackburnThere’s a great piece in The Quietus about Tony Blackburn, which is well worth a read.

Rock fans always sneered at Tony Blackburn, with his catchphrase “What a sensational sound”. But when you look back at his career and the popular but unfashionable music he championed, he had far more in common with the late great Tommy Vance than he ever did with Jimmy Saville and his ilk. When it came to soul and disco music he knew his stuff and expressed a genuine enthusiasm for the music he played. And much of it has stood the test of time. As Pete Paphides himself says, he listens far more to Luther Vandross more than to Joy Division nowadays.

The same hipsters who had no time for Tony Blackburn also had no time for Tommy Vance or the rock and metal he played. That’s because both of them were the antithesis of the hipster mentality.

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