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Troy Donockley to produce new Heather Findlay album

Heather as The Bad Faery

An exciting announcement on Heather’s website.

Troy Donockley of Nightwish, Iona and Bad Shepherds fame will be producing Heather’s long-awaited new album. Recording is planned over the summer, with the words “earthy, widescreen, beautiful, bohemian, magical and mysterious” used to describe how it might sound.


I’m sure it’s not just little Harlan who would love to hear Uilleann pipes on the record.

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Floor Jansen to stay with Nightwish

Nightwish confirm on their Facebook Page that Floor Jansen is to stay as the band’s singer.

Ms. Floor Jansen is a keeper.

Also, we will be a six-piece band from now on, as Mr. Troy Donockley (uilleann pipes, low whistles, vocals) will become a full-time member of NIGHTWISH.

Originally we were going to wait until 2014 to make a decision about the future line-up of the band, but the past year has clearly shown us that Floor and Troy are perfect matching pieces to our puzzle, and we are really grateful of the bond that has grown between all of us. We love you guys.

Given the way Floor nailed material from both Tarja and Annette on tour, and the way she was warmly received by fans, it’s difficult to imagine Nightwish making any other decision.

It’s also very interesting to see Troy becoming a full member. Does this indicate the celtic-folk elements from the last couple of albums will become a stronger part of the band’s music in future? It will be very interesting to see what the new six-piece Nightwish comes up with on their next album.

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