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The Weymouth Harbour Tramway

While on holiday in Dorset, I visted Weymouth and walked the route of the old harbour tramway.

This was a unique and rather anachronistic piece of railway operation that once saw passenger trains making their way through the streets of the old part of town at little over walking pace to connect with the ferry to The Channel Islands.

It wasn’t just the boat trains that used the line; back in the 1970s it also carried fuel oil for the ferries themselves.

The last regular passenger trains ran in 1987, though the line remained open for the occasional special working after that, though the last of those ran more than a decade ago. The line was formally abandoned in February this year, though no work has been done to remove or tarmac over the tracks.

When I visited the entire route was still intact and in apparent good condition. Though its future is in doubt, since Dorset council want to get rid of it, it would not take very much work to turn it into a workng railway.

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