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Voodoo Vegas – Killing Joke

The official video for Killing Joke, from Voodoo Vegas’ fortcoming album “Freak Show Candy Floss

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Blind Ego – Blackened

From the solo project by RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner, from the forthcoming album “Liquid”.

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The Weymouth Harbour Tramway

While on holiday in Dorset, I visted Weymouth and walked the route of the old harbour tramway.

This was a unique and rather anachronistic piece of railway operation that once saw passenger trains making their way through the streets of the old part of town at little over walking pace to connect with the ferry to The Channel Islands.

It wasn’t just the boat trains that used the line; back in the 1970s it also carried fuel oil for the ferries themselves.

The last regular passenger trains ran in 1987, though the line remained open for the occasional special working after that, though the last of those ran more than a decade ago. The line was formally abandoned in February this year, though no work has been done to remove or tarmac over the tracks.

When I visited the entire route was still intact and in apparent good condition. Though its future is in doubt, since Dorset council want to get rid of it, it would not take very much work to turn it into a workng railway.

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Metallica’s new single: What’s the verdict?

Return to form after the awful “Lulu”, or a warmed-up pastiche of their glory days? And are those drums really Lars, or a machine?

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Haze – The Final Battle

You want some folk-prog featuring a twin-neck guitar and a Northern Rail Pacer?

Haze will be headlining the Classic Rock Stage on Friday at this year’s Cambridge Rock Festival

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KilliT – Crash and Burn

Some old-fashioned hard rock from KilliT, which gives you the feeling this band are going places. Taken from the forthcoming album “Shut It Down”.

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Haken – Initiate

A new track from of of the most innovative contemporary prog-metal acts out there, a taster for their forthcoming album.

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Panic Room video and 2016 tour dates

Panic Room have released a video of “Dust”, the dramatic closing number from the album “Incarnate”, and announced their 2016 tour dates.

There are a handful of dates at the end of March and the beginning of April taking in Milton Keynes, Norwich, Derby and Manchester, the already-announced two-day convention at Bilston in May, and a second leg of the tour across June including a showcase gig at Islington Assembly on June 18th, which will be filmed for a DVD. Full details for all the dates on the tour can be found on the the Panic Room tour page.

These will be the only Panic Room dates of 2016, as the band will be spending the second part of the year in the studio making their next album.

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Black Metal goes Graham Kendrick

With very few lyric changes, this would work as a Christian worship song. In fact, somebody should do it. It would mess with a lot of minds.

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Silver Fragments In The Mind of the Departed

A rather splendid live improvisation from Chantel McGregor’s recent gig in Brighton. Reminds me of some of King Crimson’s work from the Starless and Bible Black era, which starts sounding like tuning up, then a theme develops and builds.

Thanks to occasional commenter Steve Hughes for sending me the link, and Chantel herself for letting me post it here.

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