Final word of the Baghdad museum

Now the dust has settled and we finally know something approaching the truth of what happened. David Aaronovich in The Guardian writes on how the director of the museum himself exaggerated and lied to the much of the world’s media, and was widely believed. Not just by us outraged liberals, but by the philistine freeperoids too.

The right wing of the Blogosphere will probably use this as an excuse to crow, and indulge in yet another spiteful orgy of liberal bashing. But the right wing of the Blogosphere doesn’t really come out of this with any credit. After all, they too fell for exactly the same lies.

In their posts and and-hominem attacks in the comments sections on some liberal blogs they showed us just how philistine, viscious and mean-spirited some of these guys really are.

Update: Making Light has plenty more to say, and says it much better than I even could.

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