Muslim Extremism in Britain

Bigwig of Silflay Hraka has suggested the that Europe is already well on its way to being conquered by Islam, using this quote

One of these concludes with a warning about the Muslim fundamentalist groups, which say, “They aim to make France an Islamic Republic by the year 2015,and Britain year 2025 through conversions, immigration and high Muslim birth rates”.

What he didn’t initially say was that his quote came from overtly racist site. When I pointed this out, Bigwig eventually managed to find the website of the Islamic extremist group the racist nutjob was referring to – Hizb ut Tahrir

Reading that site reminds me very much of the tracts spread by Trotskyite sects like the SWP and Militant Tendency two decades ago. Just as Britain has not been transformed into a Trotskyite worker’s paradise, nor was it ever likely to, there is no danger of Britain ever becoming an Islamic state on the model suggested by these people, because their numbers don’t add up.

Census estimates put the total number of British Muslims as numbering about one million, out of a population of sixty million. Despite the rantings of racist groups there is no longer a significant level of immigration; the British Muslim community largely originates from immigration from Pakistan in the 1970s. Neither is there any evidence of large-scale conversions to Islam.

Finally there is no evidence that organisations such as Hizb ut Tahrir have any large-scale support. The vast majority of Muslims just want to get on with their lives and be allowed to practice their religion in peace.

This isn’t to say groups like Hizb ut Tahrir are totally harmless; the rise of extremist groups that recruit from the disillusioned and alienated is something we in Britain need to be concerned about, just as we need to be concerned about the electoral success of the far right BNP in several northern towns. However, I would not even think of taking the word of a race-hate site as evidence of the threat they pose.

Twenty years ago many British cities saw riots, and there were serious social problems caused by alienated afro-carribean youths, children of 1950s immigration. A generation on a repeat of those riots would be unthinkable; Britain’s afro-carribean population is now largely assimilated into mainstream British society. I have every hope that the British Muslim population will be just as assimilated in a generation’s time.

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One Response to Muslim Extremism in Britain

  1. Sandeep Sen says:

    It is really an astonishing fact which is known to all but who will do something about it? No one really wants to do anything about. I am an Indian.In India everybody is facing the same problem. Here the political scenario is such that, the political parties are always in a hint to make themselves believe that they are being given the best of everything. Even here in the government jobs they are asking for reservation. There logic is that they are minorities. But the fact is the total population of muslims are more than 33 crores in 100 crores population.
    So we had enough the tree itself is rotten it must be uprooted, if not then one day we will find that it is already late.
    We need Adolf Hitler type of person who had the guts to do want he thinks is right.