Newport Connecticut

Yet another pointless mass killing in America.

There are cries that “we must not politicise the tragedy”. Well, bollocks to that. “Don’t politicise” is just a code word for “Don’t talk about gun control at a time when people are listening”.

The truth is that, yet again, those who have successfully lobbied against every attempt to make it harder for people with untreated mental health problems to obtain military-style assault weapons have blood on their hands. The sort of weapons that enable psychotics to massacre large numbers of people have no use for hunting or self-defence. They are weapons of war. Elements of the rightwing gun lobby want the power to wage war on against their own nation. There is a word for that, and that word is “Terrorist”.

The ugly truth is that too many of the gun lobby would rather see dead children than give up on their fantasies of armed insurrection. They won’t say that out loud, of course, hence the ritual hogwash of “This tragedy would have been prevented if only we arm every kindergarten teacher in the land”.

As Teresa Nielsen Hayden said on Twitter “Americans love owning guns because it lets them pretend their safety isn’t a function of our shared society. They should grow up”. If you have to arm kindergarten teachers, you live in a failed state. In such an arms race, the only winners are the gun manufacturers, who are laughing all the way to the bank. Guess where most of the NRA’s funds come from?

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