That Racist Van

Now that that infamous “Racist Van” with its crude “Immigrants go home” slogan has been reported to the Advertising Standards Authority, it’s left me wondering about the purpose behind the extraordinary behaviour from the Home Office over the past couple of weeks.

That racist van, the Gestapo-like “Your papers please” intimidation of non-white commuters at tube stations, and the stream of threatening messages in the Home Office Twitter feed all appeared to reflect a Tory party running scared of UKIP and desperately trying to woo back racist white voters.

But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this all happened the week David Cameron was away and left Deputy PM Nick Clegg minding the shop. The whole think reeks of an ambush by the Tory right to stitch up him and his party, and put him in a position where he couldn’t win whatever he said or did.

It reminds me of the time the odious Michael Howard left his deputy Ann Widdecombe to defend a prisoner having to give birth in chains. She would have her revenge with her “Something of the night” comment that torpedoed his leadership bid.

Will the Liberal Democrats have their own “Something of the Night” moment, perhaps during the next election campaign? We can but hope, even though we may be hoping in vain.

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