Trust Fund Trolls

It probably ought not to be a surprise that some of the most annoying people on the interweb, from all-round bigot Vox Day to book-burning culture warrior Alex Lifschitz turn out to be trust fund brats. These are people who have either never needed to hold down a proper job in order to lead a comfortable lifestyle, or owe whatever positions they do hold to money and family connections rather than needing to demonstrate any actual ability. They don’t inhabit the same moral or financial universe as the rest of us, and never need to deal with the negative consequences of acting like assholes.

This is what “privilege” means.

The terrible thing is that this isn’t restricted to internet blowhards. Our government is made up of people like this. As the gap between the rich and everyone else grows ever larger in English-speaking world, we can only expect this to get worse.

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One Response to Trust Fund Trolls

  1. I think that’s true, and I think it sheds light on a slew of other things at once. The general tone of these people in most every kind of discourse — the discompassionate, empathy-less way they walk about even mundane things (or at least whatever talk they choose to share) sounds exactly like what goes through the mind of someone staring out at the street through tinted glass from the backseat of a limo. In some cases, it’s literal and not figurative.