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Kalyr-Related Links
  • Dreamlyrics, a new site dedicated to on-line RPGs, where one of my two on-line games currently runs. (To read the story of how the site came to be, go here)
  • The home page of the Phoenyx list server. The home of my second on-line Kalyr game, which runs on a mailing list.
  • The GURPS Web World Project. This is a linked network of worlds, of which Kalyr is one.
  • The Kalishu page. An outline of a multi-world civilisation linked to Kalyr in mysterious ways.
  • Steve Jackson Games, publishers of GURPS.
  • For information on creating languages, I recommend Mark Rosenfelder's Language Construction Kit, and Jeffrey Henning's Model Languages site.
  • For other game adaptions of works that heavily influenced Kalyr, check out The Dying Earth RPG, and Steve Jackson Games GURPS New Sun.
RPG Tools
Other RPG Links

Lots of people such as Amadán (who occasionally uses the psuedonym of "David Edelstein") or Phil Masters have already assembled vast collections of RPG links. I'm not even going to try and compete with them, so I have provided links to their pages instead. The links on this page ones I feel are especially good ones.

  • Pyramid Online, SJG's on-line magazine, well worth the ten quid a year it costs to subscribe!
  • Bookmark The Daily Illuminator for latest news and general weirdness.
  • RPG Net, a free on-line web magazine, perhaps not quite good as Pyramid, but it's free!.
  • My review of GURPS Alternate Earths 2 on RPG Net.
  • Juha Vestano's Worlds in the Net, links to over 100 web gameworlds at the last count.
  • S John Ross' Blue Room.
  • The official Glorantha site. One of the most original and best developed commercial RPG game worlds of all time.
  • The ultimate Massively Multiplayer on-line RPG, Progress Quest. Play a Enchanted Motorcycle, a Double Wookie, or a Dung Elf! Go on the inkpot quest, deliver newspapers, slay Beer Golems and Porn Elementals! Wield your +21 Holy Vorpal Bandyclef! And don't forget the Legendary Fleece of Internment.
Other random links

These are only tangentally connected to RPGs, but entertaining neverthless.

And Finally...

What on Earth is this RPG lark anyway? Clicking here or here will just leave you even more confused!. Warning! The humour-impaired are advised to leave those links alone.