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The Phoenyx - Internet Roleplaying

The World of Kalyr

The ancient kandar civilisation of Kalyr has stood for a thousand years, protected by the watchful eyes of the Guardians.

But now their long reign is threatened. The human slaves, kidnapped across the dimensions generations ago, tire of servitude and beginning to rebel. Beyond the lands of kandar rule, barbarian kingdoms descended from runaway slaves grow in strength. All the time. the long- running war with the mountain- dwelling zughru slowly wears them down.

In the decadent kandar cities, political, religious and guild factions scheme and plot as they have always done. The honour of the clan, and the status in the guild matter above all!

The wizards are worried. Some of their number have detected something strange happening with the fabric of space and time. Have the mirrors reopened? Will the horrors of ancient times return again?


Kalyr evolved over many years as a face-to-face RPG campaign. The world includes psionics, arcane technology, strange alien races, mystery and intrigue, influenced by the works of Gene Wolfe and Jack Vance, among others.

News and Additions

11-Jun-2002: Some Sample PCs, used for a one-shot convention-style game I ran recently

Still Recruiting! Both the Play-by-Web game at Dreamlyrics and the Play-by-Email game The Phoenyx now have openings for new players. The two games both have roots (and some player characters dating back to the game I started on the late lamented RPGames forum on Compuserve more than 5 years ago.

09-Jun-2001: Some notes on the city of Filgeth, current location of the adventures on the play-by-message board game on Dreamlyrics, KLR.

Current events

What's going on in the the on-line games?

In OOPS!, an accident starts the inevitable tavern brawl.

In Relics of the Ancients , the investigators near their goal. But what will they find?

In The Temple of Zardor, a young priest of Zardor, Guardian of Knowledge sees some interesting things.

In It Begins Again, some wizards ponder the aftermath of an encounter that almost killed all of them.

In In the Dome, an investigation begins to find out why the Karazthani submarine almost sank: was it an accident, or sabotage?

In Escape, the mysterious stranger has left yet another trail of bodies behind him.

Credits & Copyright

Original material copyright Tim Hall, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. Last updated 5th March 2000
GURPS is © Steve Jackson Games.
Fudge is © Steffan O'Sullivan, published by Grey Ghost Games.
Maps drawn using Campaign Cartographer.
Landscapes rendered using VistaPro.

If you have any questions, comments etc, you can email me. Please put the word "Kalyr" in the subject line.