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GURPS to Fudge Conversion

This page gives guidelines for converting character statistics from GURPS (Published by Steve Jackson Games), to Fudge, the infinitely customiseable system developed by Steffan O'Sullivan.

These conversion notes are intended to help you:

Of course, for PCs and important NPCs, a purely mechanical conversion should only ever be a starting point; you should make whatever adjustements make the character 'feel' right.


GURPS has 4 attributes, ST (Strength), DX (Dexterity), IQ (Intelligence) and HT (Health). In addition there are a number of Advantages and Disadvantages do the work of additional attributes. More of them later.

GURPS attributes run on a scale of 1-20, with an average human defined as having attributes of 10. Mapping these onto the standard Terrible-Superb Fudge scale can be awkward, and any mapping will be a but of a compromise. Therefore I've provided three different conversion scales, depending on the power level of the campaign or characters you want to convert.

GURPS (Realistic) GURPS (Standard) GURPS (Cinematic) Fudge
8 7 6-7 Terrible
9 8 8-9 Poor
109-10 10-11Mediocre
1315 16-17Great
1416 18-19Superb
15+17+ 20+Legendary

I have defined the baseline, Fair as slightly better than the 'average peasant'. Ordinary people have Mediocre attributes; as well as making better use of the whole Terrible-Superb 7-level Fudge scale, it also makes PCs a little more, well, heroic.

Of course, Fudge doesn't have a standard set of attributes, and many Fudge GMs choose an appropriate set of attributes for the genre, which are likely to differ from the standard GURPS attributes. However, many levelled advantages and disadvantages can turn into additional attributes if you're that way inclined. Below I've listed some common attributes and how they can be derived:

Willpower can be based in GURPS IQ plus or minus Strong or Weak Will, then converted using the table above. For example, a character with IQ 13 and two levels of Strong Will will have Great Willpower.

Perception can be based on GURPS IQ modified by the Alertness advantage in much the same way as Willpower above; a character with IQ 10 and three levels of Alertness will have Good Perception. Good/Bad sight or hearing work in an similar way, although you might prefer to use gifts and faults for these.

Wisdom, that old D&D favourite, can also be based on IQ, adjusted up one Fudge level for the Intuition or Common Sense advantages (or two levels if the character has both), and adjusted down one level for Overconfidence and/or Impulsiveness. Of course, if you want to duplicate the new improved Wisdom of 3rd Edition D&D, you have to factor in Will and Alertness as well.

Appearance can use the table below:

GURPS AppearanceFudge
Very Handsome/BeautifulSuperb

Charisma can use the table below, totalling reaction modifiers advantages and disadvantages such as Charisma, Odious Personal Habits, Voice etc. Note that I've made a normal person 'Mediocre' in much the same way as the GURPS attributes.


Status in GURPS goes on a scale of -4 (scum of the universe) to +8 (Emperor/High King/Pope). Status is very campaign-specific; in a very stratified society such as Kalyr it's quite an important attribute. Depending on taste, you could also roll in Social Stigma, Military Rank or Administrative Rank.

-3 or lowerTerrible
-1 to 0Mediocre
+1 to +2Fair
+3 to +4Good
+7 or higherLegendary

Advantages and Disadvantages, Gifts and Faults

Any GURPS Advantage or Disadvantage that didn't get subsumed into an attribute, either because it didn't correspond to one, or your game didn't use that attribute, should become a Gift or a Fault. As a general rule of thumb, and Advantage or Disadvantage worth less than 20 points or is one Gift or Fault, and anything worth 20 points or more counts as 20. Certain Advantages, such as Mathematical Ability or Language Talent exist primarily to give bonuses to certain skills, since they will already have been factored into skills, they can simply be ignored altogether. If your character is Great at ten languages, the language talent is pretty obvious!


Use this table to convert skill levels. It's roughly based superimposing the GURPS' 3d6-based bell curve on Fudge's 4dF bell curve, and taking 12-13 as equivalent to Fair.

GURPS Fudge Notes
7 or lowerTerrible 
8-9PoorA typical GURPS PC with attributes in the 12-13 range will have defaults at this level
12-13FairDefined in GURPS as the level needed to earn a living using a skill
14-15GoodDefined in GURPS as the level recommended use in life-and-death situations.
16-17GreatDefined in GURPS as the level for an 'expert'.

Unless you're converting a whole campaign and using signficantly broader or narrower skills than GURPS, it's probably best to simply use the GURPS skill names as listed. If you are converting to much broader skills, and a character has different levels in two GURPS skills that both correspond to the same broad skill in your game, use the higher level . For example, if Bob the Fighter has Broadsword-16 and Battleaxe-14, and your game just has a single Melee Combat skill, he would have a skill level of Great.

Psionics and Magic

Things get more Fudgey when converting powers. While you can simply port the GURPS psionics and magic systems into Fudge, when converting an entire campaign it might be better to go back to first principles and design magic or psionic powers in Fudge from the ground up rather than port whatever you had shoehorned into GURPS in the first place.

If you want a straight port of characters using build using the standard GURPS Magic system, the best solution is to use the rules for using GURPS Magic with Fudge in "A Magical Medley".

For a straight port of characters using the standard GURPS Psionics systems, use the table below to convert GURPS power levels to Fudge trait levels. The first Fudge trait level column should be used for lower-powered games, while the second should be used for higher-powered games. Telepathy range and Telekinesis weight are shown as examples for those who aren't familiar with GURPS psionics. Use the previous skill table to convert psionic skill levels.

GURPS Low Power Fudge High Power Fudge Telepathy Range Telekinesis Weight Lift
1-2Terrible-Touch onlyCoin
3-4Poor-Arm's lengthPencil
5-6MediocreTerribleSame roomBook
7-8FairPoorAcross the streetLarge Knife
9-10GoodMediocreAlong the street2-handed sword
11-12GreatFairNext streetBarrel of beer
13-14SuperbGoodOther end of townMan
15-16LegendaryGreatOther end of a cityCow
17-18-SuperbNext town 
19-20-LegendaryNext countyCar

All material © Tim Hall, 2000 unless otherwise stated.
GURPS Copyright ® Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved.
Fudge is © Steffan O'Sullivan, published by Grey Ghost Games.

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