cheese rolling in england with the cheese

Cheese Rolling

Looking for some thrill in your otherwise monotonous life? You may want to take up one of the extreme sports! If you haven’t heard of the term, extreme sport refers to those activities which involve excitement as well as some risk. These sports not only give us adrenaline rush but also make us feel invincible. A few examples include ice climbing, base jumping, cave diving, and the cheese rolling.

What is Cheese Rolling on the earth?

The Rolling Cheese Festival or “Cheese Rolling” is one of the oldest traditions in the UK. The event takes place every year on the Mount Cooper hill in Gloucestershire. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity and people from all over the world rush to the city to witness the event. From the top of the hill, a Double Gloucester cheese, weighing 7–9 pounds, is launched and the competitors must run along with it down the hill.

Excitement comes with its own risk

That’s where it gets complicated, as most lose their balance and start rolling out of control. Due to the slope, it is practically impossible to stand up all the way down. The first to take the cheese or cross the finish line will be the winner. Health services usually have a lot of work this day, but for the contestants, the injuries and suffering are worth it.

Wrapping it up!

Are you wondering about the prize awarded to the winner? The prize for the first person who grabs the cheese (or who was closest to catching it) and reaches the finish line is the cheese itself. If you like excitement and love cheese, you are encouraged to participate, but then you must do it at your own risk!