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How to train for a marathon

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a beginner, there are many reasons to train for a marathon. Training has immense physical and mental benefits, including stress reduction and improved health. For training to have its full effect, you should start early, stick to your training plan, have the right gear, and ensure you keep hydrated.

Using A Training Plan

Training for a marathon requires discipline, which you can enforce using a training plan. A proper training schedule includes the distance you plan on running on the days before the marathon. It also has the assigned time for training and the terrain on which you want to train. Your training plan should allow you to gradually increase your running intensity and fitness levels in the days leading to the marathon.

What To Consume When Training For A Marathon

Carbohydrates and fats are the best foods to consume before training when you want to get better at running. They help you avoid health issues such as nausea and dizziness. On the other hand, you should consume many proteins and a moderate amount of carbohydrates post-workout. These boost your energy during the recovery period and replace the damaged protein muscles.

More Tips On Training For A Marathon

Always remember to get enough sleep when training for a marathon because it gives your body enough time to re-energize. Drink a lot of water as dehydration can bring about symptoms such as headaches and irritability. Finally, you should ensure that you have comfortable training shoes and breathable workout clothes, which are moisture-wicking.

New Olympic Sports In the 2021 Olympics

There is even more excitement with the addition of new sports in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Six new sports have been introduced by the International Olympic Committee. One of them is skateboarding. In the 2020 Olympics, Japanese skaters dominated the sport. A 13-year-old, Momiji Nishiya, became the country’s youngest person to win a gold medal when they took first place. Yuto Horigome, also from Japan, won the men’s street competition.

The Highlights of Other Newly Introduced Sports

Surfing is another sport that has been introduced in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The first-ever surfing Olympic medal was won by USA’s Carissa Moore. Bianca Buitendag from South Africa took silver while Japan’s Amuro Tsuzuki took bronze. Italo Ferreira from Brazil took the men’s gold medal while Japan’s Kanoa Igarashi took silver. Owen Wright took third place, giving Australia her first surfing Olympic medal. Karate also made a debut in the 2020 Olympics along with sport climbing, baseball and softball.

The Future of The Olympics

Starting with the 2020 Olympics, the International Olympics Committee will be allowing host cities to propose new sports to the included. It has already been confirmed that breakdancing will be added in the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris, France as the host proposed. The city also proposed sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding which were included in the Tokyo Olympics.

Dancing For Gold

Breakdancing is both a form of art and a sport. It went through a test run in the 2018 Youth Olympics that were held in Buenos Aires. This is part of the process of a new sport being included in the Olympics. With breakdance now an Olympic sport, it will be interesting to see which other sports are included in future.

The Strangest Sports in the World

Strangest sports in the world

Professional athletes earn money from all kinds of sports. However, there are many other strange sports without high paying names, but with an equal amount of excitement. Some become more popular as the generations change. While others keep a small group of dedicated followers for many years. Here are just a few strange sports that will leave you dazzled.

The List of Strange Sports

Bo Taoshi is one of Japan’s most unique sports. Players get to the top of the opposition’s large pole and lower it before the other team. The pole is heavily defended and attackers try different moves to get past. Players can tackle, wrestle and even jump players. Funny sports are not limited to Japan. Dog surfing has become a popular surfing competition in some parts of the world. Dog’s are judged on their wave size, length of ride and more.

Strange Sports- The Future?

Weird sports players are not paid as much as Michael Jordan. However, who needs money when you can have a good laugh. Bo Taoshi and Dog Surfing are only two examples of how people create something unique. Who knows where the world’s most highly paid player’s will come from in the future. Could funny sports players replace the big sporting names? The future is not written yet.

Why Strange Sports?

Why should you be interested in the strangest sports in the world? Because they are funny, wild and unique. Weird sports show us how humans can adapt to their surroundings. In a world of instant information, it is good to know that people can find entertainment and excitement in all kinds of ways. Bo Taoshi and Dogs surfer might even be paid more in the future. Nobody can be certain of our favourite sports in 20 years.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping seems crazy and out of control to many, an ideal adventure sport for the adventurous and a new way to enjoy life for first-timers. Is it as scary as some people believe it to be or is it just a lot of fun and a new way to experience a new adventure? Consider the information before taking the plunge.

How scary is it?

Is bungee jumping scary or is bungee jumping dangerous? The danger is minimized by strict health and safety laws so the only worry is the medical and psychological issues of individuals. People in good physical and mental health should not think that bungee jumping is any more dangerous than driving at speed. Bungee jumping is a mix of fear, anxiety, and suspense which makes the sport exciting and scary for some. Getting over the initial jump is the hardest bit.

Is it safe?

After looking at where to bungee jump, it is then important to consider safety issues. Pregnant individuals, people with medical conditions, or those in poor health will find bungee jumping more unsafe than healthy and fit people. Bungee operators are specially trained and the laws for operating a bungee jump business are stringent. Checks are also conducted regularly so safety depends on each individual.

Scary or Unsafe? It Depends

Is bungee jumping scary or safe? This depends on the person that wants to take the big jump. if a person is in good health and does adventure sports regularly then bungee jumping may be a less scary experience. However, if you are a first-timer with no other experience of adrenalin-filled fun, it may be a bit more confronting. Unhealthy, pregnant people or unwell individuals should avoid bungee jumping altogether.

What is Parasailing?

Ever dreamt of rising upwards or in pursuit of a thrilling sea adventure? Parasailing is an adrenaline-filled activity of riding a parachute tied to a moving anchor. When the boat/vehicle moves, the parachute gains lift and raises you off the deck. The anchor’s movement holds you up, and even the most reserved person can float in the air effortlessly, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the sea.

How it Works

Among water sports, parasailing is so straightforward. It uses a specialized canopy wing parachute called a parasail that can carry up to three people, seated or hanging. It is tied to a moving anchor, say boat or truck using a harness. A winch releases you gradually so that as the vehicle moves, the person gets lifted in the air. Skilled parasailing operators will teach you how to parasail and tailor your experience with dips in the water, heights, and speeds.

Is it Dangerous?

Is parasailing dangerous? Most people think that but the truth is, the harness will keep you up even with little experience. Unfortunately, fear prevents people from enjoying this activity where you should just let go. It is a safe sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you manage expectations and follow the guidelines, parasailing will make you fall in love with soaring in the air.

How To Enjoy It

Parasailing is a bucket list activity; the views are fantastic, and the floatation is a magical experience. A little research and prep will give you all the confidence need to make it exciting. When you want to get wet, ask to be dunked or ask to be lifted higher to feel the breeze in your face. Lastly, opt to sit or to hang to make the ride more comfortable.

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Amazing Sports World Records

Not all world records set are a topic of discussion, but the most amazing sports world records have raised questions about the physical ability of the human body. Some of these records are yet to be broken because the people who set them are far much better than their rivals. The holders of these impressive sports world records are seen as special people exhibiting unique talents and are even immortalized.

Some of The Best Sports World Records

There are lots of interesting world records set, some recently acquired while others have been held for a long time. These impressive records are now part of the Guinness World Records. Some of these interesting world records include; spear catching held by Joe Alexander since 2009. He caught seven spears shot at him. The furthest arrow shot using the feet held by Claudia Gomez. Claudia fired a bow and arrow to a target placed 16 feet away.

Some Unbreakable Records in Sports History

In the sporting world, records are necessary because they connect generations of athletes and fans together. Some interesting world records set have stayed the same. The most unbreakable records include the following; a 9.58 seconds 100-meter Dash set by Usain Bolt in 2009, 33 consecutive wins in a single NBA season set by Los Angeles Lakers during 1971-1972 season and 131 career knockouts set by Archie Moore in 1938-63.

Amazing Sporting Records-Conclusion

In summary, records are very important in any sporting activity. They help you connect generations of players and also compare their sporting abilities. Some records could someday be broken but others such as 131 career knockouts by Archie Moore, 33 consecutive wins in a single NBA season by Los Angeles Lakers and 9.58 seconds 100-metre dash by Usain Bolt are unbreakable.

Introduction to Sky Diving

Considering the possibility of skydiving? Before you jump in, there are a few basics that you may want to learn. Skydiving is an extreme sport, which consists of jumping from an airplane from a height of up to 4000 meters with a minimum margin of 850 meters to open the parachute. Skydiving is a great adventure sport to give your body a sensory overload and a huge adrenaline rush.

How high is a typical jump?

You may be wondering how high is a skydive. For skydiving for beginners, skydives are typically performed from about 4,000 m (or 12,500 ft) offering 40-50 seconds of free fall time for the skydivers. Experienced skydivers often opt to exit the aircraft at much higher altitudes than the average 4,000m; however, such jumps need pressurized oxygen for the aircraft and also bottled oxygen for paratroopers.

How Safe it is and Who can Participate

Is sky diving safe? Well, it is and anyone who is 16 years or above can participate in the sport. However, those who are under 18 would typically require a letter signed by a parent or guardian. If you are over 40 years of age, you’ll be asked to produce a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

The Closing Words

As much as it is fun, your first few jumps can turn out to be a bit daunting experience, but do not forget that every expert skydiver replica rolex watches was once a beginner too. If you’ve any doubts or are in dilemma whether to get involved in skydiving or not, they will vanish as soon as you witness the looks of pure enjoyment on the faces of people upon landing.

Shin Kicking

There are many different kinds of combat sports popular all over the world and shin-kicking is one of them. As a combat sport, shin-kicking involves two people kicking each other on the shin with the idea being to get their opponent down onto the ground. The martial art was developed in England and today is a popular event, with there also being the World Shin-kicking Championships drawing millions of spectators.

Shout out ‘Enough’ to end the round

This has to be of the strange sports of the world because who can want their shins to be kicked to smithereens while both participants hold on to each other’s collar. Funny sports like this even go as far as the contestants wearing weird attire. In the Cotswold Olimpicks, the contestants wear white coats. The contestants kick the shin with the idea to inflict so much pain that the opponent eventually cries out in pain ‘Enough!’.

Straw is provided to protect the shins

As one of the funny sports of the world, competitors wear long pants and have to try and protect their shins. Some people stuff straw in socks, which is actually provided, as well as the white coats. Footwear isn’t allowed to have any kind of metal-reinforcement to the toe area of the footwear or else the contestant stands to be disqualified.

Every year there are competitions

The person overseeing the shin-kicking competition is known as a stickler and modern competitions are won by the person who wins 6 out of 10 rounds. There are other rules which apply to the shin kicking and a throw won’t be considered valid unless the thrower has one foot of the ground. There are always medics attending should someone be badly injured.

Glacier Surfing

If you’re willing to wait hours or days for a piece of glacier to break off to come up with a massive, surfable wave, then glacier surfing is the next adrenaline-rush activity waiting for you. For safety, it’s better to do it with someone else who can help you to safety after you’ve achieved your daredevil feat.

Making fun of a Calamity

Global warming is a natural calamity and it’s causing the polar ice caps to melt and collapse, turning Alaska into a popular extreme sports destination for glacier surfing. Massive ice blocks crash into the sea causing gigantic waves. and there are surfers ready in icy waters, wanting to ride these waves caused by the glacier falls. There are already tourist companies involved in glacier adventures who take people to the glaciers to listen to the thunderous sounds they make.

A Temporary Extreme Sport?

In the 21st century, many people are attracted to extreme sports because they want to be on the cutting edge while appearing to be cool. Glacier surfing is something new and is not likely to become an official sporting event as the conditions for it deteriorate, the rebellious surfers will need to look elsewhere for their adrenaline fix.

Risky and Deadly Surfing

Regardless of whether the world is on the brink of losing some of its spectacular nature or not, the thought of taking part in risky and deadly glacier surfing activity is a drawcard for surfing enthusiasts. The element of danger with massive glaciers melting and creating gigantic waves will be seeing Alaska as a popular surfing destination.


Zorbing, which is also called globe-riding, orbing or sphereing is an intense recreation activity that involves rolling down a hill inside a transparent orb. For extreme adrenaline as well as thrill, this sport is usually performed on gentle slopes. For those who wish to have more control of the orb, they can perform it on a level surface.

History of Zorbing

The sport was invented by Andrew Akers together with Dwane van der Sluis. It was first played in 1994 in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It jas since spread to other parts including USA, Canada, Sweden, Estonia, and Poland. Zorbing, whose highest governing body is ZORB Limited is an ideal teambuilding sport. It is also one of those fun sports that you can engage when you are looking for an extreme activity to indulge in.

Different Kinds of Zorbing Orbs

The orbs used in comprise of two types. The harnessed and the non-harnessed. Non-harnessed orbs are designed to carry up to a maximum of three riders. On the other hand, the harnessed orbs are constructed for either one or two riders at a time. Zorbing, which falls under fun sports is safe and easy to understand, so don’t hesitate to add it on the list of your teambuilding sport activities.

Try Zorbing For A Thrilling Experience

While the idea of rolling down a slope while inside an orb may sound strange, Zorbing is worth a try. If you are the kind of people who love sports that get their adrenaline going, this is the sport for you. For a more exciting experience, you can choose to indulge in the sport with another person.