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Labour is going to split now, whatever happens. Any leadership election will be about which faction gets to call itself the Labour Party. Classic rock fans will recognise the situation; Angela Eagle’s Labour Party vs. The Labour Party featuring Jeremy Corbyn. Like Barclay James Harvest only without the tunes.

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Sandy Pearlman

RIP Sandy Pearlman

Sad news announced by Joe Bouchard on Twitter this afternoon Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn

Pushing the Self-Destruct Button

By threatening deselection Jeremy Corbyn has more or less guaranteed that the Labour Party will split. Continue reading

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Goodbye Nero

Permabanning Milo Yiannopoulos is probably a net gain for freedom of speech, but it seems a quick and dirty fix, and a very political one. Continue reading

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Yes - Close to the Edge

And Then There Was One

Today comes the news that Yes’ Alan White is being replaced for the next run of shows with a relative unknown, due to urgent back surgery Continue reading


Opeth anounce the track listing for “Sorceress”

Sweden’s finest, Opeth, have announced the track listing for their 12th album, released on September 30th Continue reading

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