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Overpriced boxed sets from legacy acts who don’t need the money harm grassroots music far, far more that YouTube or Spotify could ever do. Just think how many smaller prog bands could have sustainable careers from the money spent on the latest £378 Pink Floyd one.

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Bean Counter

The Importance of Good Testing Environments

Michael Nygard has a good blog post stating that QA Instability Implies Production Instability. Continue reading

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Chantel McGregor Home

Chantel McGregor – Home

A beautiful video by Chantel McGregor for the acoustic “Home”, from the album Lose Control.

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Sandy Pearlman

RIP Sandy Pearlman

Sad news announced by Joe Bouchard on Twitter this afternoon Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn

Pushing the Self-Destruct Button

By threatening deselection Jeremy Corbyn has more or less guaranteed that the Labour Party will split. Continue reading

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Goodbye Nero

Permabanning Milo Yiannopoulos is probably a net gain for freedom of speech, but it seems a quick and dirty fix, and a very political one. Continue reading

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