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Introduction to Sky Diving

Considering the possibility of skydiving? Before you jump in, there are a few basics that you may want to learn. Skydiving is an extreme sport, which consists of jumping from an airplane from a height of up to 4000 meters with a minimum margin of 850 meters to open the parachute. Skydiving is a great adventure sport to give your body a sensory overload and a huge adrenaline rush.

How high is a typical jump?

You may be wondering how high is a skydive. For skydiving for beginners, skydives are typically performed from about 4,000 m (or 12,500 ft) offering 40-50 seconds of free fall time for the skydivers. Experienced skydivers often opt to exit the aircraft at much higher altitudes than the average 4,000m; however, such jumps need pressurized oxygen for the aircraft and also bottled oxygen for paratroopers.

How Safe it is and Who can Participate

Is sky diving safe? Well, it is and anyone who is 16 years or above can participate in the sport. However, those who are under 18 would typically require a letter signed by a parent or guardian. If you are over 40 years of age, you’ll be asked to produce a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

The Closing Words

As much as it is fun, your first few jumps can turn out to be a bit daunting experience, but do not forget that every expert skydiver was once a beginner too. If you’ve any doubts or are in dilemma whether to get involved in skydiving or not, they will vanish as soon as you witness the looks of pure enjoyment on the faces of people upon landing.

Shin Kicking

There are many different kinds of combat sports popular all over the world and shin-kicking is one of them. As a combat sport, shin-kicking involves two people kicking each other on the shin with the idea being to get their opponent down onto the ground. The martial art was developed in England and today is a popular event, with there also being the World Shin-kicking Championships drawing millions of spectators.

Shout out ‘Enough’ to end the round

This has to be of the strange sports of the world because who can want their shins to be kicked to smithereens while both participants hold on to each other’s collar. Funny sports like this even go as far as the contestants wearing weird attire. In the Cotswold Olimpicks, the contestants wear white coats. The contestants kick the shin with the idea to inflict so much pain that the opponent eventually cries out in pain ‘Enough!’.

Straw is provided to protect the shins

As one of the funny sports of the world, competitors wear long pants and have to try and protect their shins. Some people stuff straw in socks, which is actually provided, as well as the white coats. Footwear isn’t allowed to have any kind of metal-reinforcement to the toe area of the footwear or else the contestant stands to be disqualified.

Every year there are competitions

The person overseeing the shin-kicking competition is known as a stickler and modern competitions are won by the person who wins 6 out of 10 rounds. There are other rules which apply to the shin kicking and a throw won’t be considered valid unless the thrower has one foot of the ground. There are always medics attending should someone be badly injured.

Glacier Surfing

If you’re willing to wait hours or days for a piece of glacier to break off to come up with a massive, surfable wave, then glacier surfing is the next adrenaline-rush activity waiting for you. For safety, it’s better to do it with someone else who can help you to safety after you’ve achieved your daredevil feat.

Making fun of a Calamity

Global warming is a natural calamity and it’s causing the polar ice caps to melt and collapse, turning Alaska into a popular extreme sports destination for glacier surfing. Massive ice blocks crash into the sea causing gigantic waves. and there are surfers ready in icy waters, wanting to ride these waves caused by the glacier falls. There are already tourist companies involved in glacier adventures who take people to the glaciers to listen to the thunderous sounds they make.

A Temporary Extreme Sport?

In the 21st century, many people are attracted to extreme sports because they want to be on the cutting edge while appearing to be cool. Glacier surfing is something new and is not likely to become an official sporting event as the conditions for it deteriorate, the rebellious surfers will need to look elsewhere for their adrenaline fix.

Risky and Deadly Surfing

Regardless of whether the world is on the brink of losing some of its spectacular nature or not, the thought of taking part in risky and deadly glacier surfing activity is a drawcard for surfing enthusiasts. The element of danger with massive glaciers melting and creating gigantic waves will be seeing Alaska as a popular surfing destination.


Zorbing, which is also called globe-riding, orbing or sphereing is an intense recreation activity that involves rolling down a hill inside a transparent orb. For extreme adrenaline as well as thrill, this sport is usually performed on gentle slopes. For those who wish to have more control of the orb, they can perform it on a level surface.

History of Zorbing

The sport was invented by Andrew Akers together with Dwane van der Sluis. It was first played in 1994 in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It jas since spread to other parts including USA, Canada, Sweden, Estonia, and Poland. Zorbing, whose highest governing body is ZORB Limited is an ideal teambuilding sport. It is also one of those fun sports that you can engage when you are looking for an extreme activity to indulge in.

Different Kinds of Zorbing Orbs

The orbs used in comprise of two types. The harnessed and the non-harnessed. Non-harnessed orbs are designed to carry up to a maximum of three riders. On the other hand, the harnessed orbs are constructed for either one or two riders at a time. Zorbing, which falls under fun sports is safe and easy to understand, so don’t hesitate to add it on the list of your teambuilding sport activities.

Try Zorbing For A Thrilling Experience

While the idea of rolling down a slope while inside an orb may sound strange, Zorbing is worth a try. If you are the kind of people who love sports that get their adrenaline going, this is the sport for you. For a more exciting experience, you can choose to indulge in the sport with another person.

Swamp Fotball

Originating in Finland, instead of playing football or soccer on a green field, swamp football is played in swamps, mud fields or bogs. If an actual swamp isn’t available the game is played on a muddy field. Playing like this can be physically demanding and once it was a form of exercise activity for soldiers and athletes.

World Championship held in Finland

It’s a fairly new sport this form of football and the first organized competition was the Finnish Championship when 13 teams took part. It’s popular in Finland and has caught on in other countries like Holland, Brazil, Russia, Iceland and Sweden. The World Championships are played in Finland. There are quite a few rules and the game consists of two 13-minute halves and there is no offside rule.

Lose your Shoe and You’re off the Field

One or two of the other rules in swamp football are that during the game you can’t put on new boots. In fact, the player who loses his shoe has to leave the pitch. There are 6 players on the field and they can be substituted whenever necessary. Having so few players on the field makes the sport particularly challenging and exhausting.

Lots of Entertainment Value

Swamp football isn’t only for the guys, and the women are playing their own swamp soccer. The sport has lots of entertainment value and amusement as the players become filthy and can become stuck in the mud which can be as high as the groin. A good player has to know how to move around in the mud, and watching all this promises to be highly entertaining.

Tuna Tossing

Tuna Toss is one of the oldest sports on the Australian coast. This famous festival traditionally was held in Port Lincoln, South Australia, as a celebration of the local fishing industry. Tuna Tossing was first held in 1979 and has slowly been entrenched in the Australian culture, continuing to be celebrated to the present date.

How It Goes

Here, players seek to throw the tuna as far as possible. Fresh Tuna was initially used in the competition. This has however changed and since 2008, players use a weighted plastic tuna in the initial rounds. During the final rounds of the competition, players use a 10 kg frozen Bluefin Tuna. Notably, no fish are killed during the Tunarama Festival. Only undersized fishes that have died naturally are used.

Hammer Throwing Technique

The Hammer Throwing Technique is one of the most popular Tuna Throwing techniques in the Tunarama Festival. This method involves spinning the tuna several times before unleashing it. The furthest a player has thrown a Tuna is 37.23 metres. This record is held by Sean Carlin since 1998. Carlin is also the present holder of the Australian hammer throw record.

Tuna Tossing Going Global

While Tuna tossing is an activity that was traditionally an Australian affair, it is now getting reception in many parts of the globe and more so on coastal lines. The event has also been incorporated in the Olympics and other world sporting competitions. Notably, Tuna throwing is also attracting quite a number of sponsors.

Cheese Rolling

Looking for some thrill in your otherwise monotonous life? You may want to take up one of the extreme sports! If you haven’t heard of the term, extreme sport refers to those activities which involve excitement as well as some risk. These sports not only give us adrenaline rush but also make us feel invincible. A few examples include ice climbing, base jumping, cave diving, and the cheese rolling.

What is Cheese Rolling on the earth?

The Rolling Cheese Festival or “Cheese Rolling” is one of the oldest traditions in the UK. The event takes place every year on the Mount Cooper hill in Gloucestershire. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity and people from all over the world rush to the city to witness the event. From the top of the hill, a Double Gloucester cheese, weighing 7–9 pounds, is launched and the competitors must run along with it down the hill.

Excitement comes with its own risk

That’s where it gets complicated, as most lose their balance and start rolling out of control. Due to the slope, it is practically impossible to stand up all the way down. The first to take the cheese or cross the finish line will be the winner. Health services usually have a lot of work this day, but for the contestants, the injuries and suffering are worth it.

Wrapping it up!

Are you wondering about the prize awarded to the winner? The prize for the first person who grabs the cheese (or who was closest to catching it) and reaches the finish line is the cheese itself. If you like excitement and love cheese, you are encouraged to participate, but then you must do it at your own risk!

Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw, also known as chinlone or kick volleyball is a game that traces its roots in South East Asia. It differs from its sister volleyball game in that players are allowed to touch the ball using their chest, head, feet or even knees. Here, players use a rattan ball as well. Notably, most rules are similar to those of the conventional volleyball.

King’s Cup World Championships

King’s Cup World Championships is certainly the most prestigious tournament for this sport. It is dedicated to his majesty, the King of Thailand and was established in 1955. The sport is governed by the Asian Sepaktakraw Federation in Asia and the International Sepak Takraw Federation for other international countries outside Asia. Notably, the King’s Cup tournament has always been held in Thailand exclusively since its inception.

Some Insights into Sepak Takraw

The game derives its name from Southeast Asia. Indeed, the word Sepak is a Malay word meaning kick. Takraw, on the other hand, is a Thai word meaning woven ball. The ball is woven and is made of synthetic fibre. Its court is similar to that of badminton and measures 13.4 m long and 6.1 m wide.

Game Rules at the Pitch

Usually, this game requires three players on each side of the pitch. This includes server, striker and bowler. Also, a team is allowed a maximum of three passes before passing on the ball to the other side of the net. If players leave their respective positions, they can easily lose points.

Chess Boxing

While boxing is a duel that is usually characterised by ruthlessness and physical strength, Chess requires mental shrewdness and a clear mind. This therefore begs the question, what exactly is Chess Boxing? It is a hybrid sport that is increasingly gaining in popularity and combines both the physicality of boxing and the mental game of chess.

Defining Chess Boxing

Enthusiasts of the game see Chess Boxing as a merger between the intellectual and physical aspects of the combined sports. This competitive sport brings on board the two extremes of endurance, while blending them together. Competitors take part in alternating rounds of Chess and Boxing, to determine the ultimate winner between mind and body. Lepe Rubingh is the founding father of this sport and Enes Bilalović is one of the renowned Chess Boxing champions.

Chess Boxing Increasing Popularity

Since its inception, the popularity of this competitive sport has grown in leaps and bounds. The game is now considerably popular in Europe, having been founded in Germany, and is now a favorite pastime for many people in India, Russia and Great Britain. This also explains why some of the biggest names in Chess Boxing come from these countries.

Famous Chess Boxing Stars

If you have even the slightest interest in Chess Boxing, then you have probably heard of Russia’s former World Chess Boxing champion Nikolay. Others include Bulgaria’s Tihomir “Tigertad” Titschko, and the renowned UK star Tim Woolgar. There are many more sportsmen that are bringing the world of Chess Boxing to the forefront in different countries around the globe.

Toe Wrestling

Yes, you read the title correctly. Toe Wrestling is an actual sport with a rich history that was invented in 1974, in Wetton, Staffordshire. Similar to arm wrestling, it also has no time limit and involves locking feet with your opponent. It has 3 rounds and players are judged on a best of 2, out of 3 wins.

Created by four drinkers!

After a Canadian won in 1976, the sport was discontinued for a number of years. Currently, the World Toe Wrestling Championship is held annually in Derbyshire, England. Four drinking buddies, Pete Dean, Pete Cheetham, Mick Dawson, and Eddie Stansfield created and conceptualised this game, this is inclusive of the rules on how to play it. The four had tried inventing other games in an effort to find a sport that the UK could finally have a world champion in.

Winners of The Title

The Olympic Committee has refused to acknowledge the sport. However, it has continued to grow and gain popularity. Mick Dawson was the very first winner and held that title until 1976. Participating players have nicknames that are in line with keeping the light humour of the game. There’s Paul “Toeminator” Beech, Tom “100m” Martin and Alan “Nasty” Nash. Nasty is the current holder of the World Toe Wrestling Championship title.

Final Thoughts On Toe Wrestling

As a contact game, your foot has to come into contact with your opponent’s foot. Both players have to remove their socks, and as a common courtesy and sign of good sportsmanship, players remove each other’s socks and shoes. The rules are simple. You’re required to pin your opponent’s toe for 3 seconds. So the next time you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted game to play with buddies, try toe wrestling and see who will be the ultimate ‘Toeminator’!