Welcome to Where Worlds Collide, a website that’s been around in some shape or form since the late 1990s.

As the title suggests, it covers a wide range of topics. There’s music news and reviews from the world of progressive rock and metal. There are thoughts on software development from the perspective of a software tester. There’s stuff about trains, science-fiction, and games. And there are political thinkpieces guaranteed to get up the noses of anyone who is either too far to the right or too far to the left.

Since it’s a rare person who is deeply interested in every single one of those things, the site is organised into different blogs for different topics. So if you really can’t stand our taste in music or are appalled by our politics, dive into the things that do interest you.

And if you still want to read everything, there’s always the “All Posts” view.

As we remember the fallen on the anniversary of the end of World War One, the best memorial is to avoid sleepwalking into another entirely avoidable global war.

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Recent Posts

Liberal Democrats

Richmond Park

How much does Sarah Olney’s by-election victory change the political landscape? And what does it mean for Labour? Continue reading

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Judas Priest – 10 of the best

The Guardian Music Blog has another one of mine in their Ten of the Best series, this time for The Black Country’s finest. Continue reading

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F.E.A.R and Loathing at The Royal Albert Hall

Marillion have announced a show at The Royal Albert Hall on Friday 13th October 2017. Tickets go on sale on Monday 5th December,

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Papillon tour dates

Papillon, the acoustic duo of violinist Anna Phoebe and guitarist Nicholas Rizzi have a number of live dates scheduled across Spring and Summer 2017 Continue reading

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Whitby Abbey

Goodbye Castro

In Heaven, Leonard Cohen, Keith Emerson and Lemmy make music. In Hell, Fidel Castro and Antonin Scalia discuss politics. Continue reading

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