Introduction to Sky Diving

Considering the possibility of skydiving? Before you jump in, there are a few basics that you may want to learn. Skydiving is an extreme sport, which consists of jumping from an airplane from a height of up to 4000 meters with a minimum margin of 850 meters to open the parachute. Skydiving is a great adventure sport to give your body a sensory overload and a huge adrenaline rush.

How high is a typical jump?

You may be wondering how high is a skydive. For skydiving for beginners, skydives are typically performed from about 4,000 m (or 12,500 ft) offering 40-50 seconds of free fall time for the skydivers. Experienced skydivers often opt to exit the aircraft at much higher altitudes than the average 4,000m; however, such jumps need pressurized oxygen for the aircraft and also bottled oxygen for paratroopers.

How Safe it is and Who can Participate

Is sky diving safe? Well, it is and anyone who is 16 years or above can participate in the sport. However, those who are under 18 would typically require a letter signed by a parent or guardian. If you are over 40 years of age, you’ll be asked to produce a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

The Closing Words

As much as it is fun, your first few jumps can turn out to be a bit daunting experience, but do not forget that every expert skydiver replica rolex watches was once a beginner too. If you’ve any doubts or are in dilemma whether to get involved in skydiving or not, they will vanish as soon as you witness the looks of pure enjoyment on the faces of people upon landing.