Bo Taoshi

The Strangest Sports in the World

Strangest sports in the world

Professional athletes earn money from all kinds of sports. However, there are many other strange sports without high paying names, but with an equal amount of excitement. Some become more popular as the generations change. While others keep a small group of dedicated followers for many years. Here are just a few strange sports that will leave you dazzled.

The List of Strange Sports

Bo Taoshi is one of Japan’s most unique sports. Players get to the top of the opposition’s large pole and lower it before the other team. The pole is heavily defended and attackers try different moves to get past. Players can tackle, wrestle and even jump players. Funny sports are not limited to Japan. Dog surfing has become a popular surfing competition in some parts of the world. Dog’s are judged on their wave size, length of ride and more.

Strange Sports- The Future?

Weird sports players are not paid as much as Michael Jordan. However, who needs money when you can have a good laugh. Bo Taoshi and Dog Surfing are only two examples of how people create something unique. Who knows where the world’s most highly paid player’s will come from in the future. Could funny sports players replace the big sporting names? The future is not written yet.

Why Strange Sports?

Why should you be interested in the strangest sports in the world? Because they are funny, wild and unique. Weird sports show us how humans can adapt to their surroundings. In a world of instant information, it is good to know that people can find entertainment and excitement in all kinds of ways. Bo Taoshi and Dogs surfer might even be paid more in the future. Nobody can be certain of our favourite sports in 20 years.