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Since it’s a rare person who is deeply interested in every single one of those things, the site is organised into different blogs for different topics. So if you really can’t stand our taste in music or are appalled by our politics, dive into the things that do interest you.

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They’re a completely different subgenre of rock, but you could make a good argument that Karnataka’s three most recent studio albums, “Delicate Flame of Desire”, “The Gathering Light” and “Secrets of Angels” are the same sort of trinity of albums as “Rainbow Rising”, “Heaven and Hell” and “Holy Diver” in more than one way. Discuss.

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Catfish and The Bottlemen - The Ride

The Sound of Corporate Beige

The “Music Industry” whines that there’s no talent out there. Yet they give their hype to dross like this. Continue reading

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Vivarail in Actiion

A short video clip of Vivarail’s “D-Train”, now designated the Class 230, in action. Continue reading

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Genji Press

Disco and Cultural Envelopes

How the cultural impact of music scenes is often only apparent decades later, and retrospective narratives don’t tell the whole truth. Continue reading

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Gawker Media

Gawker Media and Press Freedom

How many of the people going to the barricades to defend Gawker Media would do the same for News International if they were being burned to the ground over their Hillsborough lies? Continue reading

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The Jags

Is Pop’s Sausage Meat escaping?

Is there really a shortage of pop talent, or just a shortage of talent willing to work for the major label sausage machine under the major label’s terms? Continue reading

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